Thank you AF Syuhud

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Thank you A. Fatih Syuhud for having selected us (Indi + Rani) as blogger(s) of the week! True enough to his review, we write out of passion of different topics that we encounter in our daily life. Why do we do it? No reason other than wanting to update our family and friends in Indonesia while we’re stranded here in Singapore. That’s why many have criticized our blog for lacking focused content. But we never really intend to be focused, and as such we will keep on writing whatever comes across our mind at any given moments.

What Fatih wrote about “keep on writing” echoed to us to be very true. In this website, you can see the transformation of our writing when we began blogging in 2003. It began with mundane, short paragraph, ramblings with focus more on what we had been doing on a particular day, more like a meaningless day – log. Eventually, as we received comments from people / readers, we began to write with a more focused theme or issue per entry and spiced it with bits of research to back our bullshit. In a bigger perspective, the website still serves the purpose of logging our thoughts and activities of particular moment, but now it is more refined, although it is not excellent … jut yet (or else we would be star bloggers by now).

So basically, we learned how to write, by writing often and a lot hence slowly improving the quality. But not only that, we also learned how to write, by reading other people’s writings and taking good comments seriously.

Rani is in particular indebted to Jeremy Wagstaff, who, as her boss in 2001, gave her lessons in journalism and writing. Thank you, Jeremy, and may you cope with Indi’s jokes everyday.

To AF Syuhud, we apologize that we write this linkback a bit late, because we’ve been occupied with things that diverted our attention from blogging these past few weeks.


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