Noe’s First Haircut

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Finally, after 18.5 months after he’s born, Noe had his first haircut. We had to form a special team at home to perform this act, consisting of three people. Indi as the chief haircutter, Rani as the cameralady (photography and video), and Yodhi as provider of the logistical matters and training (for using the electric hair trimmer). We grateful for Yodhi’s electric hair trimmer which he uses everyday to trim his goatee and armpit hair. Luckily he didn’t use it to trim his other hairy parts.

In doing this task, we used the following method: confining the toddler into high chair in front of computer monitor while screening Sesame Street sing along video. It had worked really well, Noe has not been protesting against the fact that he needed to sit down still for an extended period of time, due to Indi’s inexperience in toddler hair cutting. We are glad to have saved $20 (equals to Rudy Hadisuwarno Kiddy Cut in PI) or more (other kiddy haircut place in Singapore). And the following is the photo documentation of the big event:

This is “BEFORE”

This is during the process

This is right “AFTER”

This is uncle Yodhi doing the finishing touch, since he is the expert of trimming hair, while mummy Rani is patiently documenting the video in the background

This is the lock of hair which we safely put into the IMF/Worldbank Singapore Conference 2006 Souvenir Pen Box

Like father, like son!

Noe seemed to be more comfortable with the short hair which do not get into his eyes while bathing and swimming. And he looks more macho and neat.

By the way, we haven’t really updated you guys on Noe’s development. Well, a lot of thing has happened. Noe has been eating on his own using spoon and fork and plate and bowl since few monhs ago, and with little mess. Also, he’s able to drink from sippy bottle as well as cup with little spillage (he’s particularly fond of drinking yakult directly from the bottle).

In terms of communication, he’s able to understand basic word like sit, come, go, take a shower, eat, drink, etc. And he’d respond according to his mood. If he doesn’t want to take a shower, he would run away from the bathroom when we said “mandi”. And although he doesn’t really talk yet, he is able to convey to us what he wants or needs through gesture and sound. He laugh a lot too. He sings in the shower (I could tell that he is singing, because he repeats the same pattern of rhythm and approximately the same tone). He loooooveee balls and baloon and to throw and kick them around. He masters the art of ball kicking (not a person’s ball luckily). He would politely clap his hands after the song that he watch on TV finishes. And he would clap his hands when he’s proud of his achievements. He loves broccoli and spinach, but he hates sweet stuff such as milk or ice cream (except yakult and ribena). He is able to lift one foot off the floor. He has discovered how to leap across the drain in the garden. He can go down and up the stairs, but still prefers to be carried by hand. He loves escalator and he would go up and down many many times together with me or Indi.


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