flickr map and moo cards

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I just found out that there is a new link inside my flickr page. Take a look!

It’s really cool. Now you can see how your photos are plotted into the world map / street map or sattelite photograph. It’s neat, the points representing photos are not cluttered in the screen because they are lumped together into one big blob, and this blog would be more dispersed as you browse into a higher resolution map. The interface is really clean and neat.

This is the map’s interface in flickr’s organizr. You can do drag and drop too.

The downside is that it is not yet integrated with google earth. Instead, it uses yahoo maps and yahoo’s satellite photo which the resolution is not as high as google earth’s.

Also, we received our free moo minicards. They are sooooo cute, and sturdy too. Sure enough we intend to order more of these later on for our calling cards.


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