9 Aug – No More United Airlines Please

For full entry, read the original posting at www.indrani.net

I woke up quite early, around 3.30am and finalised the packing. Then we head down to the lobby where we waited for a girl who wanted to share taxi with us. While waiting, we watched National Geographic channel which screened a story on the collapse of New World Hotel.
At 5.20am, the taxi and an irish girl whom I share the taxi with came (I forgot her name). She was working during summer holiday in Hyannis, and would continue her tertiary education in Budapest. She told me that she has always been a city girl, and was quite bored in Hyannis. It’s funny because I couldn’t tell that she’s an Irish through her accent, which was very much unlike Patrick’s accent. She admitted that American TV show has strong influence towards her accent.

We got off the taxi first and I said goodbye to her. We quickly checked in and I prayed for an empty flight. Then I bought some breakfast for me and Noe, with a cup of coffee of course.


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