6 Aug – Wikimania Day 3

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We started to establish a routine of waking up early and took a stroll along Harvard Yard. And Noe would always chase squirrels and birds. I would teach him how to pluck out flowers and leaves.


Then we would have breakfast in Pound Hall. This time, Noe played piano for the conference attendees while I had a chat with Mr. Engels from the Netherlands and one British guy (I forgot his name).

Then I went to drop Noe off at the baby sitter, where of course, he would cry for one hour. Apparently this routine would traumatize Noe a bit, and he started to become really clingy and won’t let me go in the dorm’s hallway. He would only be walk around by himself if I sit down calmly and not standing up. I hope he would recover soon. I am really sad and sorry that leaving you during conference has been a bad experience for you, I didn’t mean to make it difficult for you, Noe, but I’m sure you’ll get over it soon.

This is Noe with Emily (the baby sitter), Florence, Noe and Me


After the conference was closed, I picked up Noe and joined the group for post-conference discussion at the Harkness Commons on formation of Wikimedia Foundation local chapters.


In front of the Commons, Noe met this little Taiwanese toddler girl, and he chased her around. Then he plucked a flower and gave it to her. How romantic!


The wikipedians and we continued to have dinner in Harvard Square, at Unos. I had medium rare steak while Noe had kiddy cheeseburger. We had great discussion about many things in our table: Brad, Damien, Juan, KJ, Dongjin, Carissa, and me.

For the wikimania session I will write in Indonesian because there is already a lot of english blogs writing about it. In summary, on the 6th of August I attended the following sessions:

  • Mitch Kapor: I’d like to have an argument – Inspiration from Wikipedia about Collaborative Advocacy and Politics
  • Florence Devouard: Wikimedia Foundation – Building in Diversity
  • Wikimedia Foundation Board Panel
  • Wikia Lunch Meeting
  • Piotr Gawrysiak: Plans not Maps
  • David Weinberger: What’s happening to Knowledge?
  • Closing

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