5 Aug – Wikimania Day 2

For full entry, read the original posting at www.indrani.net

Noe and I woke up very early in the morning, like 3.30am, because we went to bed quite early the previous day.


We decided to take a stroll around Harvard campus from six am in the morning. We went along the west side of Harvard Campus and into the Harvard Yard, exit to the edge of Harvard square and entering the campus again from the south side.


I let Noe walk by himself from then on, and he had a great time chasing squirrels and discovered the joy of playing with puddles. He ran up and down Harvard library’s massive staircases, and chase up birds.


I then took him for breakfast at Pound Hall where he got to know a nice lady who works for the catering service. Then I took him to the baby sitter and he cried again. But I had to go for sessions. I will write about the sessions further down in this blog entry.

After the conference that day, I took Noe to Cambridge Commons playground where he played with sands and other kids. I then took him to Harvard Square to get dinner, but the closest place from the dorm is Finnagle-A-Bagle which serves overpriced bagel of mediocre quality. It took them half an hour to cook bagel with omelet, and they even forget the bagel! So I had to walk back from Cambridge Commons to their shop just to get the Bagel. What a service.

After dinner I put Noe to bed and left him with Emily, the baby sitter. Then I continued to get a bus to MIT Museum for Wikimania Party. On the way, I met a Wikipedian from Tanzania and we had a chat about wikipedia situation in our respective countries. Then I met Carissa, a Harvard Law School PhD student from Taiwan who was taking a same bus as me. We had a discussion about women’s issues and family friendly policy. She thinks that although the west (i.e. American) seems to be more friendly towards family, it is not based on true family values but more on feminism and that men unwillingness to be perceived as sexist (if they forbid mothers with babies to participate in meetings, that is sexist).

The Wikimania party was cool, but not that many people attending. Out of 400 participants, perhaps only 100 attended this party.

For the wikimania session I will write in Indonesian because there is already a lot of english blogs writing about it. In summary, on the 5th of August I attended the following sessions:

  • Yochai Benkler: The Wealth of Networks
  • Rishab Ghosh: 200 Years of Collaborative Ownership
  • Brewster Kahle: Universal Access to All Knowledge
  • Lightning Talks
  • Michael Eisen: Open Academic Publishing
  • Jenny Preece: Community, Social Interaction, and Wikipedia
  • Wikis in the News (Discussion)

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