4 Aug – Wikimania Day 1

For full entry, read the original posting at www.indrani.net

We woke up rather late, at about 7am because we slept late the night before. I put the laundry from the previous night into the dryer and continued to have breakfast: fried rice brought from the Nine Tastes. Again, Noe was eating a lot of fried rice, food that he missed a lot while in the US.

At 8am, we dressed up for the day and we went to the Childcare room in the dorm. Florence is already there and we both waited for Emily (the baby sitter) to come. Florence went out to Harkness Commons get muffins for her breakfast and she gave one muffin for Noe. Emily was late because there was disruption of the train service. I had to rush to the conference and I had to leave Noe without enough time for him to get use to Emily, to have a slow transition to the baby sitter. He ended up crying for full 40 minutes when I left the childcare room. Poor thing. Emily is a really lovely and a kind girl, I wish I had more time for Noe to get to know her better.

I went back every break and lunch time and everytime Noe saw me, he cried and became very clingy. I guess it was too much expecting him to be well adjusted to the new environment and being strong enough to be left alone with the new baby sitter.

At 17.20 I went back quickly because I was totally sleepy. I almost fell asleep in the Seminar room. We had a long sleep until the next day early morning.

For the wikimania session I will write in Indonesian because there is already a lot of english blogs writing about it. In summary, on the 4th of August I attended the following sessions:

  • Plenary by Jimbo Wales
  • Judith Donath: Identity, Anonymity, and the Wiki
  • Cathy Ma: Trust and Wikipedia
  • Plenary by Lawrence Lessig: The Ethics of the Free Culture Movements
  • Lodewijk Gelauff: Localization, on a global project?
  • Wiki Projects: WikiHow, WikiTravel, Diplopedia (Jack Herrick, Evan Podromou, Chris Bronk)

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