Friends or Foes?

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I couldn’t sleep with some thoughts running in my head, and I decided to write down some conclusion of life about friendship love and hate. You may then conclude what kind a person you are: true friend or the opposite?

Your true friends are your families, sometimes even more so than your blood-relatives. True friends are people with love, who stay beside you in high and lows, especially the lows. True friendship is beautiful in its entirety; but its course is not without thorns. That’s why true friends openly talk about things and remind each other, overcoming forgetfulness. True friends are resilient in coping with turbulence in the friendship. True friends sometimes have differences in opinions and attitudes, but eventually come to understand and respect those differences. True friends sometimes fight because of misunderstanding and differences, but the fight always end with peaceful resolution through discussions. True friends sometimes hurt each other, but they always have room for forgiveness. Sometimes true friends can’t read mind and are forgetful: you have to loudly ask for their help and keep reminding them. But in a nutshell, true friends always come back. They’re resilient. True friends are your mirror, your true family, and they set you free.

To our true friends: thank you for being there in good and bad times, and for being able to accept us the way we are. Thank you for always coming back no matter what. Life is surely hard without your presence.

True friends stick in bad times too, and not just in good times. True friends don’t pretend. True friends don’t sweet talk in front of you and badmouth when you’re not around. True friends do not stay distant in avoidance while keep silent with hidden hatred burning inside them, and they don’t spread hate around.

Spread hate? Why are some people hateful?

Hateful people are naturally self-centered due to their inability to empathize and open themselves to different perspectives. Hatred is evil manifestation of fear, timidity, and angst. Inherently, hateful people are insecure and scared. Hateful people tend to spread hate, in order to get allies to maintain their feeling of security, by trying to find reasons justifying their hatred. Usually, hateful people keep badmouthing because they have small heart. Hateful people are sad and pitiful, but they don’t realise it. Hateful people think they win by hating, but in reality they lose. And worse, hateful people hurt themselves with hate, but they don’t realise it. They’re pathetic, but they’re blind about it.

To hate is to volunteer oneself into pain. When there’s no hatred, one is free.

To people with hate: we pity you. But we don’t have any problem with you and we don’t hate you. Just come back when you’re done hating and your hearts’ grown bigger. We will welcome you back with open heart and open arms.


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