Minangkabau Day 2

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The second day we woke up and almost late for breakfast. Indi had a quick shower, I didn’t and neither did Noe. Noe slept really soundly, and it was rather difficult to wake him up. But we woke him up anyway, and he was quite fussy in the morning because of this. Luckily, Eyang Kakung took Noe to swing in the playground and Noe’s back to his usual self.

After Nasi Goreng breakfast, we boarded the bus for a long drive to Bungus Bay. On the way, we saw a lot of unique sights such as graduation parade for religious schools and various kinds of decorated vehicle. After about one and a half hour drive we arrived at the bay and took the boat to Sikuai Island, a tiny island off Sumatra at Indian Ocean. The boat journey took us 45 minutes.


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